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BMW Isetta Car Club

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 BMW Isetta 59'

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Custom Tuned Isetta
Fun Little Toy

The Egg that changed the history of the BMW
The microcars were originated in Europe. The luxury of the greatest cars was impossible to overcome  for the great majority of the population that then mobilized in bicycle or motos. For that reason the manufacture of these small cars was a mutual benefit between the great automotive factories and the population. This allowed to the subsistence and the Renaissance of these deteriorated industries and for the population, to count on a vehicle able to mobilize them next to its family protected of the wind, rain and the snow, with a simple and economic maintenance.

Nicknamed the "rolling egg", the BMW 250, 300, 600 and Isetta cars were designed at a time when cheap, short distance transportation was needed.

BMW Isetta

BMW Isetta 300, 1955
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BMW ads for the USA called the car "a new conception in vehicle design."

The cars have a one-cylinder BMW motorcycle engine with a 4-speed transmission. The top speed is 53 mph, and it gets 63 miles per gallon. 

In 1958 you could buy one for $1,093.

Seattle Car Show

SRS Isetta 1.JPG (149617 bytes) SRS Isetta 2.JPG (165535 bytes) SRS Isetta 4.JPG (133381 bytes) SRS Isetta 7.JPG (88735 bytes)

SRS Isetta 8.JPG (162863 bytes) SRSIsetta 3.JPG (167249 bytes)

Fiery with flames....

Just a beauty isn't she?

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BMW Isetta Car Club

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