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BMW Isetta Car Club

Microcar - Isetta 600

                          Isetta 600

BMW Isetta 600

Motor of 585cc
2 Cylinders
Maximum power 19,5 HP
Weight 515kg
Speed Max. 100 Km/h
Production 34,318 units

1959 BMW 600

Public response to the little Isetta was gratifying to BMW, but as its shortcomings were also pointed out at this time ("too small"), it was decided to go "up a class" and produce a larger car with room for four. Management by May 1956 had already committed to the introduction of the BMW 700, a totally new design, by 1959, so the 600 was seen as an easily produced interim model using already existing Isetta production equipment.

The 1956 prototype did indeed look like a stretched Isetta, with its stock 2-tone front door and Isetta bumpers, but with the wheelbase lengthened by 165cm and R67 boxer motor driving full-width axles.

August 1957 saw the proper introduction of the model, to universal acclaim. Stylish looks (Michelotti had been involved) with its new "knife edge" bumpers, fantastic room inside with rear seat access by a side door, and the motor no longer sat in the passenger compartment. It was quiet, its wheel at each corner design gave a great ride, and there was sufficient power for hill-climbing. It was even available with a Saxomat automatic transmission. It was pricey, however, at 200 Marks more than a VW Beetle. Plans for multi-tasking the car a la Multipla remained in the drawer.

Despite all its virtues, excellent build quality, space utilization, and ride quality, there was no denying that by 1959 the population wanted a normal-looking "real" car, and in particular the new in-house BMW 700, which was to eventually sell to the tune of 182,000 examples.

At the end of 1959, after only 35,000 examples had been built, the 600 was phased out in favour of the 700.

The original Isetta, despite a 1959 company memo declaring that "it belonged in a museum", would continue to be built for another three years, and in England five.

Manufacturer: Bayerische Motoren Werke, Munich, Germany

Model: 600 Motor: BMW 4-str Body :Steel
Years Built: Fall 1957 - 1959 No. Cylinders: 2 Chassis: Steel Tube
No. Produced: 35,000 Displacement: 582 cc Suspension Fr:Coil
No. Surviving: n/a Horsepower: 26 Suspension R:Coil
Length: 2 900 mm Gearbox: 4 + rev Steering: Worm
Width: 1 400 mm Starter: Dynastart Brakes: Hydraulic
Weight: 515 kg Electrics: 12 v 4 Wheels: 4.80 x 10"
Interior: 2x Bench Ignition: Coil Top Speed: 100 kph

Elvis Isetta
Elvis Singing In His Isetta 600

Designed by Willy Black, BMW 600 was created like a Isetta enlarged with but power and a conventional appearance but of car of four wheels.

The front part as well as the back are almost one copy of Isetta 300, but the chassis of the 600 was ampler, as for four passengers comfortably seated and had two doors, the habitual advantage and a lateral right. A conventional axis in the back wheels settled, independent suspension whose design was used by but of four decades, settled the motor to him of the R67 motorcycle, but powerful that the one of Isetta 300, and with a 100 speed of east Km/hora model was very novel. A gear box of four marches and one automatic version semi, the Saxomat, for the market of the USA, completed the picture.
During the time of manufacture, two years, were only made 34,318 units of the 600, mainly due to their equal price or superior to vehicles of better characteristics than they made in that time.

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